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Forum rules (Sun Mar 29, 2020 8:42 pm)

  • Membership> members are not to join any other clan that is involved in games we play as a clan.
    Double clanning is considered to be wrong in the game community and can cause the clans involved a lot of trouble
    Members Caught double clanning will be expelled without warning!
    Incase a member wants to join a second clan, he can always contact HQ to make sure he isn't doing something wrong!

  • Play Fair and Clean> members will respect Fair Play at all times.> members will NEVER cheat, a member caught cheating will be kicked without a second chance!
    If accused of cheating by others walk away and change server, if it is an> server, ignore the accusations and talk to HQ!
    Never accuse of cheating unless you have good proof to back you up! And don't start public accusations, do it in private!

  • Public Conduct> members should always uphold the Good name of the clan.
    We will not use foul language in public or private!
    We will respect other players and will not abuse them, no matter what. If abused, walk away or kick from our server!
    Do not ruin the game play of others by acting like a noob!Show respect for your opponents in defeat or victory!

  • Match Conduct 

    No cheating, Team killing or any other unwanted actions!
    Always play for the team and not for yourself
    Be 1 hour early for pre match training!
    The match commander is the boss and all the others listen to him only and do not try to contradict him!
    Play Fair and Respect your opponent!

  • Trainings!

    trainings are on a voluntary basis only, so if you show up you listen!
    Let the training officer do his job and discuss tactics after the training
    Do not start chatting when you should look at tactics
    Be in time so we do not have to start over every 5 minutes People who do not pay attention or do not listen or chat, will be asked to leave the training!

  • Recruitment!

    You need to be 15 to join>
    People under the age of 15 will have to proof in Teamspeak, that they are mature enough!
    We do not recruit under the age of 16!
    To Join fill out t a join request by click the link on this page!
    Do not wear the>Tags until told so by a commanding officer!

  • Conflict management

    When you are having a problem with one or more members or with clan policies, don't go raging in Teamspeak or on the forums.
    We have voicecom so use it in a civil way, ask people to come chat in a private room and sort your problems in an adult way.
    HQ is always available for any kind of problems you may have in this clan.
    Communicating is the best way to resolve our problems.
    Big clans have conflicting characters, always keep it in mind and try to consider all points of view. 

  • Teamspeak!

    Teamspeak is a tool to improve clan communication. It is not a game on its own!
    People who have SA are not to abuse it, so no channeldragging, kicking changing channel names just for fun.
    Don't come on TS raging like a lunatic.
    Don't come raging into a channel when you have a problem with a member in the channel sort it out in a private channel
    The aim of teamspeak is not to try to get as many people as possible not coming any more because of your behaviour.

    In fact its simple, keep TS fun and don't turn it into a nut place.
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