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 How to clean the trough 

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Cleaning and organizing
Often we do not start to think about any maintenance at home, unless it shows signs of incompetence, and you may جلي بلاط بالرياض رخيص have to pay too much, or even replace the device altogether.

So here are the tips for regular maintenance to keep your home and organs intact, and to maintain your health and lifestyle for you and your family.
Clean the back of the refrigerator with an air-vacuum cleaner. Do this while the refrigerator is disconnected from the power supply.

The accumulation of dirt on the back of the شركات تنظيف خزانات المياه بالرياض refrigerator causes the engine to heat up and the refrigerator is damaged.
(Watch: How to get rid of the smells of the refrigerator)

Wash and absorb wood furniture, as keeping the wood without cleaning and polishing and periodic moisturizing, accelerate the cracking and loss of color.
Other batteries of home appliances all ارقام شركات كشف تسربات المياه بالرياض periodically, for example, the presence of batteries with a weak and pressure on the buttons strongly, may cause damage later, and the presence of batteries for a long time any device exposing them to damage and tyranny inside.
(Read also: how to buy [url=""]شركة عزل خزانات بالرياض بالرياض[/url] the right cooking kit for you)

Tighten the periodic maintenance of the air conditioning.
Be sure of the safety of the gas hoses, they do not leak or suffer from dry or cracks, power cords under the rugs every period, to ensure their safety, to maintain the safety of your family, and the life of electrical appliances.

Cleaning tools are one of the most شركة عزل اسطح بالرياض بالرياض basic household tools that you use everyday for a clean home. However, you do not notice the amount of residues that are stuck with these tools, which can contribute mainly to the spread of germs and microbes inside the home, thus spread diseases among your family members and to ensure their protection. Of diseases we will show you the best way شركة شفط بيارات بالرياض to clean these tools properly in the following lines.

How to clean the trough:
First, clean the stubble from any impurities stuck on its surface from the outside, such as شركة تسليك مجارى بالرياض مع الخصومات leftover food or head hair falling.
Bring a bowl with two hot water with a little dishwashing powder and a teaspoon of soda bicarbonate.

Leave the syrup in the container with the mixture for a quarter of an hour, to absorb the mixture well to ensure its cleanliness.
Bring a small brush and push the مسابح toothbrush in more than one direction for a quarter of an hour.
Wash the water thoroughly with water, making sure it is thoroughly clean from the mixture.
Put it in the sun to dry completely of water and you will notice the difference yourself.

How to clean the bucket:
Bring the bath bucket, and place شركة تنظيف واجهات بالرياض a little warm water in it with a quarter cup of vinegar.
Leave the mixture in the bucket for a quarter of an hour, to ensure that dirt is absorbed.
Bring the cleaning sponge and wash the bucket well to ensure that any dirt is gone.
Wash the bucket with warm water, شركة تنظيف واجهات الزجاج بالرياض until the mixture has completely disappeared, then leave it to dry and it will be completely clean.
Uses of vinegar for household purposes (cleaning)

How to clean the mop:
Bring a bowl of warm water with a glass of white vinegar.
Bring the sponges for cleaning, put them in the powder above, and then pass on the mop until all the dirt is gone.
Wash the mop thoroughly شركة تسليك المجاري with water and observe the result yourself.
How to clean a mop of earth

Method of cleaning kitchen towels:
Bring a vase and water in hot water with two tablespoons of soda bicarbonate.
Bring the soiled kitchen towel جلي بلاطand wash it thoroughly with water, to get rid of the effect of the previous mixture.

Place the towel inside your washing machine and set it on its washing and washing powder program.

Bring the towel after the end of the شركة تنظيف البيارات program and spread it in the sun to dry completely and then use it again.

How to clean a sponge sponge:
Start washing sponge dishes thoroughly with water, then place them in the microwave for 1-2 minutes at a شركة عزل الخزانات high degree, and avoid placing them dry so as not to burn.

Use a glove against the heat when removing the sponge from the microwave, and let it cool.
Press well on the sponge to remove the remaining water, then leave it with dry air
In this way kill the germs in [url=""]شركة عزل اسطح[/url] them, and you can then use them without concern.
4 ways to clean the sponge properly

Method of Cleaning Dust Brush:
Bring the stick and its nose out of all شركة كشف تسربات المياه the impurities that are well attached to it, at the head area where the feathers are located.
Wash the head area thoroughly with water and washing powder until the dirt in it is gone.

Leave the stick dry completely, شركة الصفرات لتنظيف الخزانات and you will definitely get the desired result.
Finally, cleaning tools should be cleaned in a period of 3 months to 6 months, depending on your usual use and after 6 months if the condition of the tools is bad and preferably شركة الصفرات لعزل الاسطح replace them for your safety and the safety of your family.
What tools can you use to reach these areas?
There are many tools you have in your home that you can use to reach the narrow corners and شركة الصفرات لكشف التسربات المياه corners of your home and the furniture you own.

1. Airbrush:
Bring the mixture in the right place, depending on the nature of the place you want to reach, whether it is wood شركة الصفرات لتسليك المجاري or floor. Sprinkle the mixture on the narrow area and angle you want to reach, then trim it with a cloth wrapped on a thin wooden board or Wrap the cloth on them.

2 - sticky material:
This sticky substance is similar to شركة الصفرات لتنظيف البيارات chewing gum (gum) and can absorb all lingering dirt in various tools, such as residue

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